Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

We are talking about the top 10 best-selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021. Books are one of the best ways for humans to absorb knowledge and expand their horizons. The best way to improve our self-cultivation is to read books. Not only can we absorb more knowledge, but good books will also change our thinking.

Bestseller refers to the number of books sold, not the number of prints. So, there are many best-selling famous classic books in the world and best selling classic books of all time, which classic books everyone should read? which ones do you know are the best sellers? Which books are the most classic? which classic books you must read?

Today, the editor of “Reading and Thinking” brings you the world’s top ten best-selling classic books. The Dream of Red Mansions is ranked fifth. If you want to know more, let’s read it together!

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

Table Of Contents

  • 1. A Tale of Two Cities
  • 2. The Lord of the Rings
  • 3. The Little Prince
  • 4. And Then There Were None
  • 5. A Dream of Red Mansions
  • 6. The Hobbit
  • 7. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • 8. She
  • 9. The Da Vinci Code
  • 10. Think and Grow Rich

1. A Tale of Two Cities

Author: Charles Dickens

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

This best-selling book of all time was first published in 1859, and it has since sold 200 million copies! “A Tale of Two Cities” is very meaningful work. It is a must-read book for students in the United States. This book written by Dickens is set against the background of the French Revolution. How did it resist?

Dickens is the true and purest humanist. His pen tells the ugliest crime of the Great Revolution and the greatness of the little people in the ever-changing situation. The concept of good and evil is simple, and the flat characterization is his weakness, but his stories are always so subtle and direct to people’s hearts. Sidney Carton to Lucy Manette is the love that crosses the class, crosses the ocean, unswerving and undesirable until death, so he said: Resurrection is with me, and life is with me. Those who believe in me will be resurrected even if they die. Those who live and believe in me will never die.

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2. The Lord of the Rings

Author: John Ronald Riel Tolkien

“The Lord of the Rings” is Tolkien’s masterpiece, one of the best-selling books in the world, and it has the title of “Book of the 20th Century”. The book was first published in 1954 and 150 million copies have been sold! Tolkien is the only author with two titles in a book. This book is sometimes sold in volume-mainly in three volumes (just like the original publication). It has been remade into a movie of the same name and has a worldwide reputation.

The design of the book cover is really tasteless. It was originally used to protect the book, but the book was folded… The translation is placed after each chapter. I also find it very troublesome. I still like the translation of each page at the bottom of each page. . In the end, I really hope that the hardcover version will be released, and I will definitely enter the collection again

3. The Little Prince

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

“The Little Prince” is the first children’s literary short fairy tale on this list. “The Little Prince” can be said to be one of the most successful children’s literary novels in the world. The little prince set off from his own planet and experienced various thrills. The author showed the loneliness of adults from the perspective of children. The manuscript was originally written in French, although the story was first published in English in 1943, and since then, it has sold 140 million copies.

I was 13 years old when I first read it, and I didn’t know what it meant to express. The second time I read it I was 23 years old, and it was ten years ago. I think this book can only be read at a certain stage of life, and I can’t help but burst into tears when I see the end.

This book is about love. When you meet similar people, you have a high degree of resonance in your thoughts, a consistent emotional pattern, and you don’t have the courage to be desperate, so it’s good but the ignorant impulse when you are young. Fearless when I was young. People just want to see all the good ones, and they can’t wait for him to be a character built completely according to his ideals.

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4. And Then There Were None

Author: Agatha Christie

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

Agatha Christie is the first female writer on this list. Her masterpiece “And Then There Were None” was first published in 1939 and has sold about 100 million copies. This book is a long mystery novel about A series of murders that took place on the island, various reversal and suspense plot settings are very subtle and have been adapted into many films, dramas, comics, and games.

The ten people’s reactions to death were vividly portrayed, perfectly showing an atmosphere of fear and mutual doubt. Compared with impossible crimes, anyone’s possible crimes are better used here. The use of poems and props is also like a textbook. As for the island model created, it has become one of the most classic models. Even if the trick is not perfect, it is great enough.

5. A Dream of Red Mansions

Author: Cao Xueqin

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

“A Dream of Red Mansions” is a classic masterpiece of the pinnacle of Chinese classical novels. It has extremely high artistic value. “Dream of Red Mansions” was first published in 1791 and has sold 100 million copies so far.

6. The Hobbit

Author: John Ronald Riel Tolkien

Top 10 best selling classic books you must read — recommendations 2021

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“The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” are the same author-Tolkien, published in 1937. It tells the story that happened before “The Lord of the Rings”. This book has been translated into 64 languages and is a best-selling book. Sales in hundreds of countries around the world have reached more than 100 million copies. Although not as popular as Tolkien’s other “Lord of the Rings”, it is good enough.

The hobbit is not a legend. The Hobbit has a place in human archaeology. The Hobbit in Tolkien’s works is obviously more plump and lovely. They are short and cute, a bunch of friendly and happy little men. They are not beautiful but have a good temper. They are somewhat conservative and timid, but they are superb at drilling holes and doing housework. Of course, the most memorable thing is their big, furry feet. Are such a group of secular and ordinary people very similar to ourselves? ! Or they were originally the shadows of our human beings. Ordinary, conservative, timid, and even have shortcomings of one kind or another. However, it was such an ordinary Hobbit who looked like a shadow and experienced an extraordinary expedition.

A hobbit’s expedition has exhausted all the emotions and tribulations that a person has to encounter and experience in his life. There are happiness and sorrow, fear and joy, hope and despair, possession and sharing. The hobbit in the expedition is no longer a shadow. He abandoned his homeland but had a completely different self. As you read further, you will find that you would rather that person be yourself: own a magical invisibility ring; soar on the back of a big eagle; use riddles and brain teasers to defeat unknown monsters; brandish a short sword Assassinate the poisonous spider; put the Arkenberg in your pocket

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